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what i create

what i create” will feature all things born from my imagination.

These might be little DIY’s around the house, but also pictures that I take for other people. In the past, I’ve spend  time working on photoshoots, websites, logo’s and a pile of other “stuff“, but I have never actually shared any of this.

This will be my spot to share and tell a little about the things that I do.


going mobile

Queldorado.com is going mobile. Creating a mobile version of this page (or any of my past websites) has been on my “to-do-list” for ages. I finally made a start…

Today, I took a little break from drawing in my sketchbook, to create a mobile theme for queldorado.com. Since October was renamed to #inktober, all I have done every evening, is draw. I will try to post a story, about #inktober, after the month is over in the “what i create” section. For now, just check my personal Instagram page if you are interested.

Back to the mobile friendly design. This is my first time creating something for a mobile device, mostly because I have just been busy lazy. At first, I only planned to change the menu around a little, but ended up completely altering the layout for better view-ability. I even managed to fix some bugs in the desktop version :).


Sure had a great time trying to figure it all out, however, next time, I might do a little research before attempting a task like this. I didn’t even know the requirements for my page to pass the mobile friendly test. To tell the truth, I still don’t, but according to google it passed ;).

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Coffee stains

Since I am quite messy in the morning, I have been creating coffee stains for a long time. However, it wasn’t until a few months back, that I started making this mess on purpose.

On the 24th of May (2016), the day after I gave the table a good clean, I bumped over my first attempt at making my morning coffee. Since I was still in a hurry back then (a different story) I did not have make time to clean it all up. The bottom of my second attempt was drained in coffee. Since I had just cleaned the table and lacking a coaster, I used a little sketch book to place the cup on.

My first “real” coffee stain was born!

I continued my morning, took a seat at the table, drank my coffee, and listened to the music playing on my record player. Having not much better to do, I stared at the coffee stain, slowly drying up. The way the paper slowly absorbed the coffee and the way the water dried and left the coffee pattern  was quite relaxing.

I have been creating coffee stains, in sketch books, almost ever morning since that day. Creating a little mess (on purpose) to start my day has been amazing. Every time, I still love the way the stains form on the paper. I also notice that the coffee stains stimulate kick start my “creativity”. I like to just stare and see little images rise from the stains. They actually caused me to start sketching again.

About a month ago, I started collecting in my second book. I never would have thought, that a thing, as simple as a coffee stain, could become such an amazing addition to my morning ritual, my burnout recovery, and to my life in general. They create a little rest in my head and stimulate my creativity. Last month, I even got one of my stains tattooed on my arm.

In the gallery, you will find some random coffee stain related images, including “my first”, “the books”, “the tattoo”, and “a wedding card that I created using coffee stains”.


I hope that you will all find your “coffee stains” in life.


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Didel logo

I “created” a logo for Didel.

A while back, Diana approached me and she asked me if I could help her with a logo. She told me that she has a dream. A dream to create comfortable beautiful lingerie, with an imbedded protective layer,  for women with a stoma. A layer of fabric will separate the stoma bag from the skin to avoid irritation.  She wants to give women the opportunity to buy them online, or even give them the opportunity to fit and buy them in a store. How amazing would it be for them to feel sexy again.

“The pouch of a kangaroo provides comfort and protection, giving a safe feeling.”

With this information, I started to sketch out some drawings and we finally picked one sketch to develop into a finished product.

Over the past year, Diana followed an online course with Michael Pilarczyk. She learned that her mind is her greatest restriction and how to overcome this. She has a positive mindset and will not stop until she reaches her goal. In order to be able to make the dream reality, Diana will require some funding.

In order to reach her funding, she created a t-shirt. The t-shirt says: “Just fucking do it”, because if you want to do something, Diana tells me, you just have to go out and do it.

She hopes, that with this powerful t-shirt, she can realise her goal! She needs to sell 5000 t-shirts in order to start making living with a stoma more pleasant for many women. With about 17 million people, in the Netherlands alone, this should not be a problem.

I am incredibly proud of Diana for pursuing her dream and I am blessed that I can be a part of this.

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IDFX clothing

A while back, I got to shoot some pictures for the first collection of IDFX (IDFX clothing).

The pictures, from this shoot, are used for press release and the lookbook. Today, I did some final editing on the detail pictures for this shoot. Although these pictures are in full color, I want to share one two b/w edits. After all… that is one of my “site goals“.

I had an amazing time working with this designer duo and would once again like to thank the models for their patience (John HasnyThomas van ImschootRachelle Huyser).

IDFX is a young label of clothing and accessories, a reflection of expertise, creativity and passion for textures, colors and timeless design: handmade Street Couture with a playful twist.

Floor van de Ven and Ellen Vertonghen, both graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sint-Niklaas (BE) in 2015, are working together as designerduo on the growth of their clothing label IDFX.

Multifunctionality and diversity are very important to IDFX. These characteristics are strongly represented in their debut collection

Play today create tomorrow

IDFX will soon release their first collection. Please check out their website and take a peek in their lookbook.

Friday September 2nd, IDFX will show their collection at Antwerp Fashion Festival.

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