Going mobile – I created a mobile friendly version of my website

29-10-2016 Going mobile – I created a mobile friendly version of my website
going mobile

Queldorado.com is going mobile. Creating a mobile version of this page (or any of my past websites) has been on my “to-do-list” for ages. I finally made a start…

Today, I took a little break from drawing in my sketchbook, to create a mobile theme for queldorado.com. Since October was renamed to #inktober, all I have done every evening, is draw. I will try to post a story, about #inktober, after the month is over in the “what i create” section. For now, just check my personal Instagram page if you are interested.

Back to the mobile friendly design. This is my first time creating something for a mobile device, mostly because I have just been busy lazy. At first, I only planned to change the menu around a little, but ended up completely altering the layout for better view-ability. I even managed to fix some bugs in the desktop version :).


Sure had a great time trying to figure it all out, however, next time, I might do a little research before attempting a task like this. I didn’t even know the requirements for my page to pass the mobile friendly test. To tell the truth, I still don’t, but according to google it passed ;).

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