Focus – The story behind the cover photo and losing my focus

04-08-2016 Focus – The story behind the cover photo and losing my focus

To focus is not only important while taking a shot, but also while looking for a subject for a picture.

Last year I visited Budapest during my holiday. This was right after my headaches started and I spend an entire Friday evening in the hospital.

Little fact about me: my surroundings stimulate me all the time. Especially when I visit a beautiful city. However, this time, nothing inspired me. I knew that it couldn’t be Budapest’s fault because all the elements were there. The people were so hospitable, the buildings were beautiful and the little streets had all the charms that I love so much. The weather was amazing and the food and drinks were delicious. I started to feel a little down. Even a free ice-cream in exchange for a picture of my tattoos didn’t do the trick to cheer me up.

Maybe I’m just spoiled, because I am so used to seeing things without having to put any effort in to it. There is a little autofocus in my head that I don’t even need to control. It takes me away from all the distraction around me and points me to the things that I really want to see.

This time was different. A complete different autofocus took over. I was focused on traffic sounds, bright images, people talking and even by tourists. I could only focus on “noise”.

An escape to “Margit-sziget“, to get away from the crowd with it all the “noise” surrounding me, helped me so much. I found a little rest on this green island, filled with beautiful trees, flowers, statues, ruins, squirrels and even a “mini zoo” (I love animals – Animals make me happy).

Budapest - Margits Ziget

Budapest – Margits-Ziget

The shade of the trees took away some of the heat. Since the people in the park were all so peaceful and doing their own little things, they didn’t distract me so much. I must have had about 3 litres of lemonade that day.

It took two visits, during my holiday, to keep me going. I only took a few other pictures, the picture, at the top of the page, being one of them. It perfectly displays the way my focus works.

Budapest - Focus

Budapest – Focus

I will definitely visit this wonderful city again. Next time, with my own focus and without any noise… noise that was clearly just in my head. Because now I know that “all the rest is noise“.


P.S. Thanks for the lemonade, Budapest… and indirectly making water my drink of choice, today. Well… at least, after I had my morning coffee.

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