Didel – I created a logo for an amazing cause

30-07-2016 Didel – I created a logo for an amazing cause
Didel logo

I “created” a logo for Didel.

A while back, Diana approached me and she asked me if I could help her with a logo. She told me that she has a dream. A dream to create comfortable beautiful lingerie, with an imbedded protective layer,  for women with a stoma. A layer of fabric will separate the stoma bag from the skin to avoid irritation.  She wants to give women the opportunity to buy them online, or even give them the opportunity to fit and buy them in a store. How amazing would it be for them to feel sexy again.

“The pouch of a kangaroo provides comfort and protection, giving a safe feeling.”

With this information, I started to sketch out some drawings and we finally picked one sketch to develop into a finished product.

Over the past year, Diana followed an online course with Michael Pilarczyk. She learned that her mind is her greatest restriction and how to overcome this. She has a positive mindset and will not stop until she reaches her goal. In order to be able to make the dream reality, Diana will require some funding.

In order to reach her funding, she created a t-shirt. The t-shirt says: “Just fucking do it”, because if you want to do something, Diana tells me, you just have to go out and do it.

She hopes, that with this powerful t-shirt, she can realise her goal! She needs to sell 5000 t-shirts in order to start making living with a stoma more pleasant for many women. With about 17 million people, in the Netherlands alone, this should not be a problem.

I am incredibly proud of Diana for pursuing her dream and I am blessed that I can be a part of this.

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