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Queldorado.com is a space where I share “stuff” about “things” that I’m working on, or that I find interesting in one way or another. This will range from pictures from photoshoots to DIY’s around the house. I will post things I discover while wondering the streets and little gems that I find on the web.

Over time, I found out that my favourite form of social media, Instagram, has helped me to show and discover many new things. An image tells more than a thousand words. However, sometimes, I wish that Instagram gave me the option to tell the story behind an image. I this will be the place where I can.

I will try to keep everything as “clean as possible” with about 10 stories per page. “Black and white” is definitely a “want” (an amazingly nice to have), however, not a “must-have”. An archive, with links to the “older stories”, might be added when the pages start to fill up.

I will divide my stories across four topics:

  • pictures and snap-shots that I will take in daily life – “what i see
  • photoshoots / websites / logo’s / drawings / DIY’s – “what i create
  • all kinds of things that I find online or irl – “what i discover
  • who knows what the future will bring – “what i sell

Please scroll down to find an overview of my latest stories.

What I create - Going mobile

Creating a mobile version of this page has been on my “to-do-list” for ages. I finally made a start

What I create - Coffee stains

Since I am quite messy in the morning, I have been creating coffee stains for a long time

What I see - Focus

Focus front

To focus is not only important while taking a shot, but also while looking for a subject for a picture

What I discover - I am fragile

I am Fragile

“I am fragile” – I wish that I was as strong as I sometimes believe that I am

What I create - Didel logo

Didel logo

I “created” a logo for Didel. A while back, I got approached by Diana and she asked me to create a logo to match her dream

What I discover - Ume Toys

Ume Toys

My first story in  the “what I discover” section will be about Ume Toys. The reason why might not be as obvious